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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Secret Sister Easter Bag Swap

I joined the QDU Secret Sister Easter Bag Swap organised by Christina, I dutifully made a bag and included a few gifts for my Secret Sister Liisa, posted my package in the nick of time...
Then I waited patiently for my package to arrive..... and I waited.. and I package!
My Secret Sister sent me a couple of emails with clues to her identity and asked if I had been peeking before the designated unwrapping day....I had to admit, there was no peeking, but only because my package hadn't yet arrived!
Susan, my now revealed Secret Sister, was very upset and so was I...she vowed to make another to post as soon as possible....
Thankfully it wasn't necessary because my lovely bag arrived yesterday....where it has been is any ones guess. No complaining from me it was well worth the wait.
Thanks Susan!


Tracy said...

It looks like it was worth the wait. Beautiful

Rosa said...

Gorgeous & unique bag!!! Is the pattern available for purchase?