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Friday, April 20, 2007

Covered Journal

Covered Journal - Pattern by Candlelight Creations.

I bought this pattern as a kit when Greg and I went for a drive to Toowoomba together without the kids a few months ago.

That alone made the trip blissful, the lovely lunch and time spent browsing a couple of patchwork shops was just a bonus!

The colours chosen for the kit were so beautiful I couldn't help but fall in love with them.

An iron-on embroidery sheet was included to make transfer of the design totally painless, although I now realise it is important to make sure the design transfers on the dark side, as it did fade quite a bit in parts and I struggled to be able to see the design by the time it came to begin the stitching.

The instructions for the pattern were very simple and the cover fitted the A4 sized book perfectly.


sheilaC said...

thats lovely Julie, and I love the colours AUBIRDWOMAN

Tracy said...

that's so pretty.

Barbara said...

I found your blog and I see beautiful bags !!Will visit again!