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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

I have been a very bad blog updater!

My excuses are many and varied.  Beginning with the time of year…it’s a bit manic around our place with 5 birthdays and the lead up to Christmas celebrations and get togethers.  Not to mention gift purchasing and it was our turn to host the Christmas Day Family Dinner.

My other excuses are to do with technology, I have a new smart phone the Samsung Galaxy 2 and a Galaxy 7” Tab2 that was a birthday gift……needless to say my poor camera and lap top have been sadly neglected.  I have become very good at  ”Facebook” updating due to the ease and simplicity of having all the requirements in one place everywhere I go.

At the end of the day when I am almost comatose in the lounge chair it is a piece of cake to simply tap into Facebook to stay in touch.

Now if Windows Live Writer had an Android App we wouldn’t be having this conversation!!!LOL

604171_10200144800442469_524291204_n Here is one of the birthday celebrations, my darling husband singing Happy Birthday to himself I guess?

16044_10200217612502725_593202733_n This is the gift I received for my birthday!

403548_10200197927170604_889349158_n Here are Leah and Brooklynn helping to celebrate my mothers birthday.

Stitching, card making and cooking has being happening:-

548592_10200259181781931_1941424375_n P1050883406677_10200215445608554_313555823_n 560798_10200286063693962_1138862159_n

P1050884 P1050885 

393052_10200281037208303_924127202_n So many occasions to prepare for at this time of the year, kept me busy, and now I’m taking it easy for the rest of the year.

45037_10200280515835269_215474583_n 603283_10200280265069000_1061475863_n P1050925 P1050927

It was our third Christmas with Brooklynn, she is so much fun and we could all sit and watch play for hours.

My other news is that I have finally bitten the bullet and will be looking for a new job for 2013.  It was about this time last year that I put into a post how badly I was being treated, and while a few things improved, overall, I was still being offered the scraps, roster wise, and I finally had enough.

I’ve registered with a recruitment agency, and have had a temporary assignment that I will return to in the new year.  Ultimately a full time job is my aim, but I’m keeping my options open to all on offer.

I’ve reached my goal weight and between the extra confidence of feeling healthy, the testing and interview I had with the agency I’m feeling very positive about my future, and I no longer have the feeling of having the life sucked out of me by a conniving and manipulating supervisor, who has waged a vendetta against me since I went above her earlier this year with my complaints.

I’m over it! and moving on.

So yes I’ve been busy with life in general, and crafting has taken a bit of a back seat, but that’s ok for now. 

We are still waiting for our new grandchild to arrive.  Leah is a few days overdue and really feeling the heat, although it hasn’t stopped her from carrying on as usual.  She is out today getting a few Boxing Days Sale bargains!

I’ve joined a Scatter-days Blog Post group. The organizer, Cinzia has done a great job of getting us together and sending out our first challenge. I’m hopeful the challenge will keep me coming back to my blog to keep it updated, with the added bonus of focusing on something a little different in 2013.  Our first post is due 5th January 2013.

Thanks for visiting.

Julie xxx


Jeanette said...

i was only thinking of you the other day & realised i hadn't seen a blog post for a while. Nice to see this post & catch up with what's been happening with you.

Linda H. said...

It's so good to know what you've been up to... lots! I'm happy for you to have reached your goal weight and for your new approach to work. Do let us know when you get that perfect job! And how exciting it must be to know grandchild #2 is imminent. You'll be a wonderful second-time-around grandma. A merry Christmas and happy new year to you too! I'll be seeing you again on January 5 with Scatterdays, if not sooner.

Tammy said...

Congrats on your weight goals, and your new job search and the new Grandbaby that is coming soon. You've been very busy and looks like you're having a lot of fun. Good for you, keep it up and Happy New Year!!

Dianne said...

Hi Julie, Hope you had a lovely Christmas. Looks like you have been terribly busy. Don't know how you reached your goal weight with all those celebrations, but, congratulations!! Why do people have babies right on Christmas ??:-)
The little Grandies really make Christmas special don't they? Great entertainment. All the very best for the New Year, Julie. Regards Di.

Cindy MW said...

Well done Julie, good to see a post.
Leah is looking great in these pics, she was really game hosting one of the occasions at her place, being overedue.
Good luck with job hunting. Happy New Year.xx