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Sunday, May 06, 2012

It’s a magnificent Autumn day…….

….. I’m the only one awake in the house, the sun is shining, it’s cold (5 deg) and I L O V E it this way!
Our winters are so short, if you spend a couple of days out of town you just might miss it!
I’ve been on a bit of a bag frenzy….no? I hear you say…..that’s so unusual???  Well you can blame Pinterest!  I was browsing pins and came across a picture of a two toned box bag…..with handles!  I’ve made boxed bags before so I decided to just go with the photograph and make one in two colours with handles for my self!
Well one turned into two then into three…..P1050302 P1050299 P1050296
Using only my scrap box for #1 and #2 I worked out the cutting size for my fabrics to get the look I was aiming for.  The final bag used just one fabric…..I bought this fabric at a craft show in 2011, it is beige with a red print on one side and pink with beige spots on the other.


 #3 is not lined like the first two. I also made a little change to the construction of #2 & #3, I usually cut a square from the corners to form the boxed ends, that means covering the cut fabric and it can make it bulky and difficult to stitch over with the machine.

P1050306My change was to cover the first seam, the seam that closes the ends with the zip, then I stitched the boxed section leaving the squares of excess fabric in place.  The resulting triangle sections were then folded towards the zip and tacked into place.

Not only did it save a step, but it also gave my bag extra form and structure that holds it in place.
Bag #3 was a little different because I didn’t line it.  I also added another detail to the zip as the zips I had on hand were all only 12” in length and I needed to avoid a little gap that would be left at the end of the zip.P1050305

I enjoyed the process of tweeking the design to give the look I was aiming for. This may be a little like how pattern designer must feel?
Bags were not my only projects this week.  A lovely Blog Friend Maree sent me some fabric recently and this week I started to use it.

P1050298 This dear little dress is ready for our dear little girl.

485746_10150811309787249_522632248_10089243_1387945080_n       383489_10150811313287249_522632248_10089248_1056228477_n 

Who may grow up to be a bull rider if her training photographs are anything to go by!
It probably surprises you to know that I have several projects on the go right now, and hope to have some more completions to show soon.
It’s a lovely long weekend here in my part of the world and that means more stitching time, more relaxing time and an extra sleep in, gotta love that extra sleep in!
Thanks for visiting,

Julie xxx


Maree: said...

Hi Julie..I noticed the dress in your header...the fabric looks great for little Brooklyn so glad you could make use of it...
WOW Woman your on a mission with your bags you'll be putting up a Stall
Enjoy the rest of the weekend..
PS: Blog & Stitch Meet 7th October Save the Date...

Tammy said...

I love the bags you are making they so cute and cleaver, not sure I could do that. Are they as hard as they look? Love the dress, your little granddaughter is such a doll, esp. riding the doggie. Enjoy your autumn, we are trying to heat up for spring if only the darn wind would quit. Hugs.

Luv 2 Sew Things said...

Great work on your bag innovations. They look lovely. Cute dress and patient doggy there! Some nice photos for Brooklynns 21st lol.

Linda said...

Oh Julie. I can always count on you for a few giggles. Really - 41 degrees (F) is autumn. Hmm. That temperature here, even where I am now in Kansas City, Kansas, is considered a mild spring day. Even though I already know these things about Oz, they make me smile.

Your box bags are wonderful! Yes, you sure did need some new ones! I've never made one this style, but hopefully will get to that someday. Just a few other things on my horizon at the moment.

Brooklynn is a doll and that dress will be precious on her. You're an awesome Grandmother to sew that for her... you lucky lady, you! I'm feeling lucky right now too, spending two weeks with our grandies before moving cross-country, away from them. I'm accepting and appreciating all hugs and kisses whenever possible!

Sandy C. said...

Hi Julie,

See what happens when I don't visit your blog for a while - you made my brain tired looking at all those wonderful projects. Well done! Can't wait to see them at next meeting.

Also great to see beautiful Brooklyn engrossed in the Gruffalo, but watch out he can lead you on some interesting adventures. Only last week we were on the Gruffalo Hunt along the sanddunes of Peregian with Mr 'I'm nearly four'. Tiring work.

Sylwia said...

pretty dress :)