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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Back to earth, I have fallen!!!

It’s been a rough week since my return home……. reality is a bummer!!LOL

I went back to work today, a short stay because I had a dentist appointment, what began as a small filling ended up much larger because a crack in the tooth made the corner break off while the dentist was doing his stuff!

Oh well ya get that!

The Easter Weekend was wonderfully uneventful, it was lovely spending the time at home just pottering around.

P1050276 I worked on my Carpenters Star blocks adding the zig-zag borders and some prairie points to break up the plain while sashing on the sides. It has now been added to the other tops that languish awaiting the actual quilting bit that makes them quilts!!!

My next activity was catching up on 3 episodes of The Good Wife while knitting a coat hanger cover, no photo yet because like the quilt tops, my coat hanger covers are just covers right now and not actually on a coat hanger!!

This next activity was completed, such an accomplishment for me right now.

P1050278 Chocolate Cake! The best one I’ve made in a long time.

P1050273 P1050267 P1050263 P1050260

If there was a little less dribble and a lot less runny nose I think I could have licked this little girls face………I used a nice warm face washer instead!

So here I am facing my second day back at work, and with no dentist appointment to break up the day I suppose I’ll have to stay!  Oh well one day closer to my next holiday is the best way to look at it then!

Thanks for visiting,

Julie xxx


Maree: said...

Your Quilt Top is Gorgeous Julie you must be pleased with it...hope it gets quilted and
Looks like Fun for Easter in your House just like we did here..aren't they cute at this age..

Sue said...

Isn't Brook lovely. Such a pet, but I wouldn't have kissed her face either! lol!
I love those Carpenter Wheels.