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Friday, September 30, 2011

Last few days of my holiday…. :(

Today I put the finishing touches onto the new bag I’ve made for Leah.  This is what it looked like yesterday after a very full day of stitching….I didn’t bother to get dressed, just cut and sewed until about 4.30 pm when a shower was needed as it was Card Night and leaving the house wearing PJ’s just wasn’t an option.


I’ll show you the cards we made last night while I’m here.

P1040662 P1040663 P1040664

My birthday card collection is growing very nicely.

…….here is the finished bag

P1040658 P1040659 P1040660 P1040661

I couldn’t be more pleased with the finished result, it was an easily followed tutorial and apart from a few unpicking’s I had to do it went together very well.  Today my fingers are aching from all the manipulations required to stitch on the binding, and handle and turn it inside out twice! This arthritis in my fingers is not going to stop me stitching, that’s for sure!

You may remember our trip to IKEA last week, well today I unpacked and put to use my purchases.  My sore hands meant Jordan was the chief assembler with a little help from Brooklynn!

P1040672 P1040673

This cabinet is to store Brooklynn’s toys at Nanny & Poppy’s and she was a big help as you can imagine!

Just the weekend between me and my return to work.  I’ve had a really relaxing and restful holiday, and although I love my job, I love being at home even more!

Thanks for visiting.

Julie xxx


Vicky said...

I LOVE that bag Julie. Do you have a link for the tutorial, or is there a pattern available? I know Tiffany would love one just like it.

I can't believe how much you make. I just can't seem to get my act together sometimes. There always seem to be someone who wants or needs me for something.

Luv 2 Sew Things said...

Leah obviously has her mother's good taste in fabric choices! The bag is great.
Brooklynn is starting young carving out a career in flat pack assembling lol. Good job Jordan.
Love the cards and the quilt is lovely, black/white/touch of red, my fav's.
I for one hope you don't give up quilt making. Imagine quilting it under the Sweet 16. That might inspire you :) x

ButtonMad said...

A fabulous bag! And your fabric choice is super. Do you remember where you found the tutorial?