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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Cold and rainy here this weekend

Not that I’m complaining, it’s the weekend and any weekend is a good one in my opinion.

First week back at work for term 3 and I struggled a little, feeling very tired getting up so early after two glorious weeks of later nights and sleeping in, it’s difficult to adjust.

Next week I’m sure I will be back into the swing of things well and truly.

Not much happing on the stitching front, knitting coat hanger covers is about all I can work up the energy to work on after dinner and for the hour or so I can last out of bed of an evening!!

Although I have a few stitching projects that only require the binding to be hand stitched, so I will have some show and tell very soon.

We had a very busy two days last weekend, my last posting being about the wedding of Greg’s nephew and on Sunday we had a family celebration for my niece Anna who had turned 18 the day before.

P1040324  P1040325 The lovely Anna.


My family…..

P1040330  P1040328

P1040340  My sisters, Wanda, Leonie & I

P1040344 The ‘cousins’ minus Kate.


Anna's 18th Birthday

Now for a restful weekend so we can recover.

Thanks for visiting.

Julie xx


Tammy said...

Wonderful and Beautiful family photos!!

Cath Ü said...

Lovely family pics Julie... boy you sure can tell you and your sisters are related... so alike....

Cath Ü