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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Our new shower screen all done!

For something just a little different, a bathroom Reno Story.  Our home is just over 14 years old and our ensuite shower screen door lost it’s ball bearings some time ago while I was cleaning it. It is enough to swear me of cleaning for life!

I guess the roller could have been been replaced, if it wasn’t for the calcium and lime scale build up on the frame, and the permanent etching of the glass, so as a less than lean, but awful mean cleaning machine I opted for the more expensive but aesthetically pleasing mini renovation option and we have removed the old screen and had a new one installed.

My plan is to apply Nanokote to aid in keeping the new screen and newly scrubbed tiles in tip top condition.

Here is a peek.


We had originally decided on replacing the tiles with a glass splashback, but had a rethink as the tiles were still in very good condition and it felt like an extravagance to go to all the trouble of removing them and the possibility of damaging the wall and having to repair that……etc., etc. blah! blah! blah! Not to mention being without an ensuite shower for a month or more, wore me down and I talked Greg into the faster/cheaper option!

The job is now complete and I am a happy camper.

I now have the remainder of the day to finish my sewing room clean out in readiness for my machines return from the service man later today.

I am struggling to comprehend how much “stuff” I have, and why I keep adding to it. If I could look at my sewing room from above I’m sure it would be bulging at the seams.

Well not so much since I began the clean up.  I have a neat pile of ‘stuff’ that others may like to have along with a large stash of store advertisement brown paper shopping type bags that went in the bin.  They took up a whole cupboard in my Horn cutting table, and their absence has meant storage for my quilting tools.

P1040283 This old girl is also being out out to pasture. I bought her brand new in 1986 as a retirement gift for myself and she has been a tireless work horse.  I knew her life expectancy was limited once parts were no longer available, and I purchased her successor a few years ago in readiness.

Always available if a free arm was required or if the ‘new’ machine was otherwise occupied, but over the weekend when I needed her, she just drifted away. Fortunately I was in the zone for a clean up and I have removed all her usable bits and she is to be offered as a sacrifice to my machine tech for parts.

The now empty table can be used for my card making pursuits and scrapbooking perhaps?

All in all a successful operation.

262231_10150264123582249_522632248_7600438_2314830_n Oh and here is Brooklynn with her new “Woobie”

Thanks for visiting,

Julie xoxo

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Jan Quigley said...

The shower looks great, yes if you'd taken down the tiles you would had to have replaced the walls. Been there done that. We need to rip out our showers so we can put in bigger ones. These were obviously built for anorexic pygmies!!!
It feels so good when you have a clean-up & sort out of any room, but especially the sewing room. Well done, it seems we can always improve & refine, but you have to be in the zone.
Awwwww Brooklyn is as gorgeous as ever, just love the 'pose.'