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Monday, June 27, 2011

I’m a multi talented woman!

or perhaps I have a very short attention span. this could also be true!

P1040282 This scene may go a little way to explain my show and tell.  At retreat last weekend my sewing machine gave me trouble with the tension when using an applique stitch and although I managed to nurse it home, I knew the time had come for a service.

As many of you fellow stitchers will understand, being parted from our sewing machine is a traumatic time and to pass that time I have finished several projects.  I even dusted off my old machine, but that’s another story all together!


It was challenge week recently at card classes, first as a warm up we did the For You gift card.  Then the card below.  We were only able to use 3 elements (Ink, Punch & Card) my challenge was all together too dull, so when I got it home I added a few touches, kinda like pimping my card I guess!'

Obviously on a roll using brown I came up with the last card where it was a requirement to use one of each of the elements on the table. It was beginning to get a little crowded!

P1040193  Challenge!   P1040195 Pimped!




I really loved making these three cards, they have been added to my card stash.

Officially on two weeks holiday as of today, and I intend to make the most of every hour.  We are having a new shower screen installed later this week, so Greg removed the old one in readiness.

P1040267  P1040268  P1040266P1040269

14 years of use meant the recess required a good old fashioned scrub, so I began my holidays doing some serious cleaning, with Gumption and a scrubbing brush, oh and a toothbrush for the grout lines.

Now back to some more elegant pursuits….

P1040271 Kindle covers, one for me and one for my sister Wanda.

P1040272 Twisted Cowl from a freebie pattern here.

P1040273 Very twisted scarf.

P1040270 This Owl is also a freebie pattern.

You may wonder what will become off the owl…. wonder no more his is with friends!


To wrap up my eclectic show and tell for this week, I have a bag and two hand towels .

P1040278 P1040281

Followed closely by this little thread catcher from another freebie blog pattern found here.


That’s more than enough from me, so perhaps I will go and find a patch of sun to take my kindle and a cuppa for some more relaxation!

Thanks for visiting,


Julie xoxo


Linda said...

Dear Ms. Frugal Multi-Talented,

What an impressive array of free, or perhaps at least low-cost, projects! Goodness sakes. Someone should haul off your sewing machine on a regular basis!

Be sure to share pictures of the young buck installing new shower screens, just as you did of him un-stalling them. Have a fun and long-lasting two week holiday.

Jan Quigley said...

You have been a busy little bee & made some beautiful things & your holiday has only just begun. :-) Enjoy your time off.

Sue said...

Hi Young Chick
What a great blog to read. So much info. Wish I had a DH Handyman. Very useful!
I can't bear to have my machine away - its like one of your children missing. I usually send it for its service when I go away - that way I don't miss it.:-))