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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My lap top has died!

I was shopping for a little note book computer for Greg’s upcoming birthday, and while at JB Hi Fi dared to dream of an upgrade for myself.  On arriving home I attempted to turn on my lap top…….nothing!  I am convinced it had a sixth sense and died just to spite me!  Is that paranoid, or what?

So, after a consultation at my local computer repair workshop, it appears my lap top is only fit as a donor, for spare parts! Leah has a lap top with no screen, after it was dropped, so she may be a good candidate?

In the mean time, I am using the desk top in the study, a long way from my sewing room, good for allowing me distraction free time in there,  but all my ‘stuff’ is in that little piece of equipment.  Fortunately the hard drive can be salvaged, so with care and persistence, I should have all the goodies back where I need them, sooner or later.

How have I been spending my last few days?  Sunday I finished this Bon Bon Bag by Monica Poole of Moonshine Designs.P1030351 P1030352 The fabric colours are vibrantly lovely, and I like how it’s turned out, but I’m not sure how serviceable it will be, as the sides are quite soft and even with a solid base inside, I’m thinking it may be difficult to access my purse, glasses, car keys, mobile phone, etc without collapsing.

Oh well, it was a fun project and can always be used for some form of project storage!  Apart from the Zip and the pattern, it was a stash project, so that’s what I call “Free”

My other little project was to get the next set of hexagons done in the Candied Hexagon Quilt Top.  I hadn’t done any stitching on them for weeks, the cut out fabrics had been patiently sitting , waiting for their turn for attention. I allocated a little time especially for them and was pleasantly surprised when the pile of cut fabrics turned into a pile of hexagons in just a few days!


My regular ‘baby’ update will have to wait until I get my hard drive back!

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Sue said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the hexagons. Makes me think there is not enough lights & darks in mine. You know what its like when you go to a class and every-one elses fabric is better than yours? Well your hexies are better than mine. BOO HOO!!
Cheers with much laughter

Julie said...

Yet again very nice work Julie.
I haven't done any sewing, but I feel the niggle of inspiration from looking at your lovely things.
Have a great day.

Linda said...

Well, your bon-bon bag LOOKS pretty! The fabric is really eye-catching. Sorry that it isn't quite what you thought it would be though. How could one know that ahead of time?

Your hexies are looking smashing! What a great color combination. You go girl!

Will Santa bring a new computer? Or will you hurry those reindeer for an earlier delivery?