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Sunday, October 24, 2010

The rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated!!!

A friend and follower of my blog emailed to say it is always a worry when a regular blogger goes quiet!

So here I am!

As I said a few posts ago I am working full time at the moment, and while I get used to the lack of ‘free time’ I have been bit quiet on the blogging front.  Fortunately I still have plenty to say!

Our very beautiful grand-daughter, Brooklynn will be two weeks old tomorrow and in celebration I have some photographs for show and tell!

P1030267 Here she is with Poppy.

P1030287 with Great Aunty Wanda, my sister.


 P1030293What a darling little hand!

P1030307P1030309  Sucking her hand.

P1030317 Resting with mummy.

Now for those of you who are here for my craft updates.

Card classes have produced a few finishes I can share.

P1030285 P1030286 A clever Christmas Card Idea and a party novelty made using a cheapie puzzle.

P1030297 Another Christmas card and treat/gift bag idea

P1030296 A birthday card to add to my stock.

Yesterday I went to the Craft & Quilt Show at the Brisbane Convention Centre. Gail and I met Sharon for a day of browsing, gathering inspiration, materials and patterns.  Chatting and generally having a wonderful day together.  We each found some items we just had to have.

I bought myself a rotary cutting board, so I could give Gail hers back!!! Several patterns, two of baby persuasion, several for bags, and couple for Christmas ornaments.  Two books, some fat quarters, but no partridge in a pear tree thankfully!

All three of us went home very tired but happy with out bootie.

Tomorrow Greg is having a operation on his back, as a Landscape Gardener he has reached the end of his warranty period and needs a 500,000K service. It is day surgery, keyhole procedure. Please keep him in your thoughts for a quick recovery….our relationship depends on it!!! ha ha ha

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Catherine said...

Good to read your blog again....glad your still alive and just busy!! Brooklyn is gorgeous! Thoughts to Greg today, but especially to you, I hope he will be OK, knowing that men feel pain much more than us and that i am sure his operation will be the most painful procedure that anyone has ever experienced! ha ha, Cathyxx

PatchWorkPrincess said...

Forgot you were working full time ! Thought you must have been having Baby Time out ! She is lovely. See you in a couple of weeks !

Jan Quigley said...

Oh Brooklyn is so beautiful. I haven't held a baby for so long, give her a gentle cuddle from me. I love your cards & it sounds like you got a nice load of goodies at the show. hugs, Jan

Maree: said...

Been waiting to see some pics of Brooklyn..she is just seems so long since our little one was that tiny....Hope Mum is doing OK...