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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I’m so weary, but here come the holidays!!!

Another countdown for me….three more working days until the holidays begin. 

What am I looking forward to the most……my first week day sleep-in!

Here is what I’ve been working on since my last post.

P1030132 Stampin’ Up Class

We made the cute Bon Bon first then we were given a challenge, limits on the card stock, stamps and embellishment choices and then a lucky draw to choose the winner, alas it was not I!  I think the Bon Bon’s will be on the planning board for our Christmas table.

Then there were the curtains……. I know, a promise is a promise, and I would hate to be the one to break a promise to a very pregnant daughter, so after much procrastination….I began!

P1030133 P1030134

P1030135 P1030136

Not finished yet I might add, but much closer that they were two days ago!

Really….why did I put them off for so long?  Well mostly because I regard the task, almost as tedious as mending…..not sure how I know that, becasue I don’t “Do Mending”

Oh and I did curtain making before I discovered the simple joy of vertical blinds….. no stitching and virtually no cleaning….. certainly NO IRONING!

I admit it, I’m a bit lazy when it come to home decor…. every moment spent on upkeep, takes time away from creating other items.

Back in the early 80’s when dried flowers were in Vogue, I had several delightful displays that ended up being tossed in the bin once they became too dusty and in need of ‘dealing with’

I also remember spending hours taking down beautifully hand made curtains to be washed and dried then the ever necessary, but boring ironing before putting them back up….only to find they had shrunk and were now two inches shorter than they were before????? 

Obviously this explains my aversion to making curtains!

Oh and it could just be me venting my annoyance at life in general, in the guise of a curtain making/mending vendetta!


979a573d08cd17f888a243d41cb3ae39 white puppy


Linda said...

Oh, you make sewing curtains sound like so much fun! Not! I have finished valances needed for Jill's new house and will post pictures when they're hung. Let's see yours hanging in the baby's room too!

Leah said...

Oh mother dear, surely it wasn't THAT bad?? They look fantastic if that makes you feel any better? :) Thank you!! Love you xx