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Monday, July 05, 2010

Rest day for us today…..

……and did we need it!

I woke this morning with less pain in my feet and legs, but more pain in my back and hips! I feel every bit my age today!

So what’s a girl to do when she’s too achy to go bush walking…..well get out her stitching of course!

Jordan happily rode his bike around looking for trouble….not finding any, I might add! Greg nursed his aches and pains, and I set up my comfy chair out in the sunshine and stitched.

P1020999 This stitchery comes from a Stitching Tote pattern by Cath Walker.  It will be ready for the next steps in the pattern once I have done the foundation stitching panels, on my return home.

I did quite a bit of work on another stitchery in a recent Homespun Magazine Green Issue by Natalie Lymer. Also another two of my 1/2” hexies have been completed.

P1030002 P1030003

As the clouds began to roll in and the temperature dropped, I was wrapped up in a blanket trying to stay out in the light as long as possible.

By about 4 pm that was no longer possible. Greg and I began packing up the van as we have just about run out of drinking water, milk and strong pain killers, so thought it was a clear sign it was time to go home.

Here are a few more pics before I go.

P1020899 P1020983 P1020947 P1020956

1. Moss like ground cover  2. Magpie Lark                    3. Grass Trees  4. Visitors Book

P1020960 P1020963 P1020962 P1020969

The flora was very diverse, although I have no idea what species they are or even their common names.

I loved the sign too, it made me smile!

Thanks for joining us on our holiday!


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Linda said...

Thanks for taking us along on your holiday. I thoroughly enjoyed it! Judging from your tales of hikes, and the gorgeous vistas, it has been a memorable trip. Bet there was lots of hand-holding, as those wordless, but descriptive, signs suggest! Cute.

Lovely that you could do some stitching in natural light too. That's the best. All in all, a top-flight trip. Good on you!