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Sunday, July 04, 2010

Oh my aching bones!

I may never recover…today we did the Breadknife and Grand Tops Circuit (via West Spirey Creek) a 14.5km 6 hour hike!

We began walking at about 9am and at first I was managing well, then the grade got steeper, but the path was well made and still I managed to keep up.  Then we got to lots of steps, these steps are a fairly recent addition and work is still going on higher up.

I began to fall behind, and Greg and Jordan had to keep waiting for me to catch up. The scenery was magic, and although I was feeling tired, the climb was well worth the effort.

P1020946 P1020953 P1020954 P1020977 P1020989

The view kept us entertained for quite some time.P1020986

Then it was time for the return journey.  We decided to take the circuit, unfortunately for me the track was very rough, steep with lots of loose rocks, and washouts, I didn’t cope well at all.  My progress was very slow and at one point I just wanted to stop. When we finally got back onto the well maintained track I was so relieved.

At that point I decided my bush walking was over for this holiday, tomorrow and the next day before we pack to leave, I will be resting and recuperating!!

I am proud to say I didn’t complain or moan, I just kept putting one foot in front of the other and struggled to keep going. It seems my various craft endeavours have done nothing to prepare me for bush walking!!!

I will certainly sleep well tonight!

P1020990                             The Bread Knife

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Joy said...

Oh wow Julia, those pics are fabulous ... what gawjus scenery. Good for you for making it up there!!!
Joy ;o)

Catherine said...

Well Done ....but I am a bit disappointed in your should have moaned and whinged your heart out!!! Let 'em know you were doing it!! LOL Cathyxx

Leah said...

I can't believe you walked for 6hrs! I know I would have complained.. a lot.. Haha.

Kali said...

Well done Julie!!!! What a little trouper you are.
The scenery is absolutely magnificent..thanks for the great photos.

Aunty said...

The scenery is beautiful. The photos are great. Walking for 6hrs, I don't think I would have done that!!