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Friday, July 02, 2010

Day Three

Day 3 we did our first walk, Fans Horizon, it was a 3.6k - 1000 step hike. It was a little warmer than the previous day, and as we walked up hill we all got  little warmer still, by the time we reached the top, we had removed our outer layers and were carrying them.

P1020895 P1020896

Greg kindly carried the back pack with our supplies, I carried the camera and Jordan carried a stick he found…he is such a ‘boy’

P1020901 This sign reminded us that there are no fences at this particular look out and we should keep a tight reign on our children!P1020904 The view was spectacular, and sadly the photographs just can’t capture the real life experience.

P1020908 A little further and we had our lunch break at Bluff’s View

P1020914 P1020918

You would think the hard work was done, as we now had just the down hill return trip, but all those steps had to be negotiated again. This carving at the half way point gave us encouragement….P1020919

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Kali said...

What a fantastic trip you are having are the knees after negotiating all those steps?

Linda said...

Gorgeous, Julie. Even though the photos don't do justice to the views, I can imagine them in my mind's eye. The panorama makes me think of the Blue Mountains, and so many wonderful memories.

I'm glad you didn't fall off the trail!