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Friday, July 02, 2010

Day Four and it’s raining…

Late yesterday afternoon the clouds began to roll in and during the night it started to rain.  One consolation is that it is much warmer with the cloud cover!

We were all a little achy from the walk and all those steps from yesterday and our plans for another walk were put on hold until the weather improves.

Today we took a leisurely drive, to Binaway, where we stopped for a snack.'

P1020921 P1020922 Binaway is a very small town now, but in days gone by it was a bustling railway town, with a rail line passing through taking goods etc to the coast, and it was service centre for the locomotives.  Today it is very quiet.

Next stop Gilgandra, for a browse through the towns two Antique and Collectables shops then lunch at the local Rock Cake Bakery…..

P1020923 P1020924

It is still raining and we are all cosy here in the caravan. Greg is ‘resting his eyes’, Jordan is watching TV and I am on my lap top….all is well with the world!

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Linda said...

It truly sounds like a wonderful get-away, rain or no. I know you're soaking it in - the memories... not the rain! Continue to have a good time.