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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Report from my craft room

The Candied Hexagons are coming along nicely.  I borrowed a rotating cutting mat from my friend Gail and it has made a big difference to the accuracy of my cutting, not to mention giving my “tennis elbow” less stress.


Baby’s Blocks

Card classes this week had us using two different techniques. Wipe & Swipe on the left and Clean & Simple on the right.


Leah is half way through her pregnancy she is 20 weeks, and has been feeling the baby move for a week or so.  Last night an excited text message came from her, in capital letters ‘n’all CORRIE FELT THE BABY MOVE!

Now I’m looking forward to feeling it move too!

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Linda said...

Oooohs and aaahs from me! I adore your fabric choices for your CH tumbling blocks. Makes me want to start mine all over again!

Happy news about the baby. It's only going to get MORE active, and how exciting is that!?

Sue said...

Love your blocks. Shall I bring mine over? Shouldn't be too hard.
How many have you made?
See you in about 8 days!!