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Monday, March 01, 2010

The Wedding Part 2.

Leah n Corrie's wedding 008

Ben (Best Man) & Corrie

Corrie and his best man got ready at some friend’s place.  Leah n Corrie's wedding 002 Linda and Steve have been there every step of the way through the planning of their wedding, they have been a fantastic support to them both.

Leah n Corrie's wedding 015 Leah n Corrie's wedding 016

On the way to the ceremony.

Leah n Corrie's wedding 021  Leah n Corrie's wedding 1022

This is the scene that brought tears to my eyes.

 Leah n Corrie's wedding 031 Leah n Corrie's wedding 028

We got through the ceremony with only a very light shower of rain, enough for the need of an umbrella for a short time.

 Leah n Corrie's wedding 038

The Kiss!

Leah n Corrie's wedding 039

Signing the register.


My sisters Leonie and Wanda and I.

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-girl from the bush said...

hi julie, leah looks lovely and so do you! looks like it went off without a hitch. i like that deep purple the bridesmaid are wearing too.

Contented Caroline said...

Oh Julie I'm getting memories of my wedding day now and shedding a tear for your beautiful daughter. May she have many, happy years of happiness, love and laughter. It rained on my wedding day too and I think if you have rain on your wedding day, you have sunshine for the rest of your life - even if it be only in your heart (it's the best place).

Joy said...

***sigh**** ... just beautiful!! Oh, and Julie, you look FABULOUS!!!!
What a great day :o).
Joy :o)

Bern said...

Julie, your daughter looks just gorgeous! I lover her dress and her bridesmaids' dresses. You look gorgeous too! I like the outfit that you chose for yourself - it is stunning and so are you! Your outfit is not the "tame" mother-of-the-bride" outfit that some mothers (of the bride) wear, but it is really really stunning!

Bern in Caloundra, Q

Bec said...

A beautiful and your sisters all lovely dressed up, a photo to cherish in years to come...