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Saturday, March 06, 2010

Still recovering

It’s been a week since Leah and Corrie’s wedding and I am still recovering.  It has virtually rained non stop since Sunday last and it is very humid, although the temperature is right down.

I had been hanging out to wash the towels and sheets, but could wait no longer, so the dryer has been paying it’s dues.

I’ve been going through the photographs that various friends and family have taken of the wedding and here are a few of my favourites.

Leah n Corrie's wedding 077   Leah n Corrie's wedding 078

The photograph on the right gives the impression I was about to spit on Leah, I was in fact puckering up to kiss her!

Leah n Corrie's wedding 088                              I think Leah was a little tired of all the photographs by now.

Leah n Corrie's wedding 079                              A hug for his big sister.P1020570

Such a beautiful smile she has!

Leah n Corrie's wedding 076They only had eyes for each other

Leah's Wedding Day

                14993_1357774273842_1516058479_30898049_1923086_n  Dancing with the Groom!

I have nothing to show on the stitching front, although I managed to get to a Stampin’ Up class on Thursday and this is what we produced.


Today I have been catching up on some TV Programs I like to watch, while working on an embroidered lanyard for my access card for the new office our department has moved into.  It is perfect weather for such a relaxing task.

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Contented Caroline said...

Such beautiful photo's Julie. Are the newlyweds on honeymoon?

Linda said...

It's so nice to see your photos and wonderful memories of the big day. You, Leah... everyone looks so happy.

Rightly so, you should be doing only what you wish, after the weeks of wedding preparation. It's good to relax and reflect. Enjoy some quiet stitching exactly as you wish.

Sara said...

What a beautiful bride! Aren't weddings fun?

Our younger daughter got married on Dec 19 and our older daughter is getting married on April 24. Then I'll need a vacation to recover.

Jenny said...

What beautiful happy photos! Everyone loves wedding, don't they. And you look great in your lovely dress too. Have you recovered yet?

Bec said...

Lovely photos, looks like you all had a fantastic time!