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Friday, January 01, 2010

How I spent the first day of 2010

I could tell you that I worked furiously on my stitching projects, but that would be a blatant lie, instead I slept late, then took my tea and my book back to bed.  Had breakfast of Rum Balls, Apricot Balls and Little Puddings in bed with another cup of tea…..and I didn’t get up until the book was finished around 1pm…by then I think bed sores were beginning to appear!!

After lunch I did some basting…..


Three Table Runners, I pieced these just before Christmas using some lovely charm squares I had in my stash.


and a lap sized quilt, and I have to confess to new fabric here, on our recent road trip I found some lovely fabric I couldn’t leave behind……the (lovely) fabric is actually on the other side of the quilt top…..the coordinating fabrics will actually become the wrong side of this quilt, just fooled around with strips and four patch blocks to get something suitable to work with.


Another job I enjoy is hanging the new calendar and starting fresh with a new diary……I feel life is so full of possibilities when my calendar and diary are clear!

P1020387 P1020390 P1020391

I have limited myself to a week to an opening diary this year, last years diary was a day to a page and there was so much wasted paper I couldn’t do that again this year!!


Tonight I am working on the Breast of Friends Blocks again, although I am not sticking strictly to the magazine assembly instructions, I have noticed several incorrect sizes in the cutting instructions, it’s a bit annoying to say the least.

Cutting instructions for one block set actually says to trim the blocks back by 1/4” on all sides, it’s a little frustrating.

Oh well I’m up for a challenge……

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cinzia said...

I like both the colours and the arrangement in your lap quilt and I agree completely as for diaries... far out a day to a page... if I could think of enough things to fill that page I would never have enough time to complete them.

Lissa Jane said...

Happy 2010 to you Julie :O)
there were some corrections on the universal magazine webpage for that BOM.. It is very frustrating, I've not made a project out of that mag for some time, but when I do, I always check the corrections page!

I read a book yesterday too, I have a quilt laying on the sunroom floor tempting a pussy cat more than me! LOL


aubirdwoman said...

great way to spend the day.

Catherine said...

Oh I laughed when I read about your morning....I am planning one of those this week...Andrew returns to work!! Nothing better or more decadent than bed, chocolate and a good book! Cathyx

Cath Ü said...

I have a page to a day diary and always need more space.. I must write as much as I talk.... LOL
Cath Ü