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Monday, January 04, 2010

Breast of Friends BOM Progress

I have made some progress on my Breast of Friends BOM.


I’m pleased at how is has come together.  It is nice and flat and seems to be square.  I am still deciding where to go from here.  I think a ‘peeper’ or very narrow border needs to be next in a colour that will frame these blocks (dark pink perhaps) Then another wider border with the narrow border fabric as the binding??? I will let it ruminate for a few days while I decide!

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Linda said...

I like your idea of a darker pink as an inside border, to set it off. If you'd rather not make TWO borders, you can just fold a narrow piece of dark pink and sew it into one border as a flange. That's a good effect without making your finished quilt larger.

Definitely the diagonal stripe as binding. That's my favorite way to bind a quilt.

Keep up the great work! This is a beautiful stitchery quilt.

Contented Caroline said...

Wow, coming along nicely I'll say looks fabulous - can't wait to see the finished article.

Kerri said...

Your colours look great. A dark pink would look great around the border to frame it. I have made that same quilt but I have finished it. I just need to do the bride and groom block and it finished. Im not a keen on as was when I first start it. See how it works out. You might have inspired me

Joy said...

Julie it's gorgeous, I love the way you've put it all together!! Yes, pink is perfect for the peeper ... I'm really enjoying watching this quilt grow :o).
Joy :o)

Lynda said...

Looks lovely Julie.

Lissa Jane said...

Lookin' good Julie! YOu get so much done.. I dont know how you do it!

PS my kids call my brother 'Uncle Nugget' cause he loves chicken nuggets a LOT (he steals them when the kids arent looking)

Catherine said...

It is beautiful Julie...dark pink sounds good! Cathy

Helen said...

That is looking great Julie, well done!