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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

WIP (works in progress) Progress

I’m on a roll now and have completed another WIP. These store bought placemats have been languishing in a storage tub for several years. I have always planned to appliqué them but as I am a mad tidier, they got put away and forgotten about.

In one of my many tidying sessions late this year I dragged them out and did the tracing and fusing, lost interest or got distracted by other projects are both strong possibilities, until the most recent tidying session when I gave myself a kick in the pants and just got on with it!


The Cats


The Chickens

Now it is back to looking at the Breast of Friends BOM blocks all over the floor trying to decide how I want to put them together.  The final assemble instructions from the magazine does not thrill me at all, it’s a bit to fussy for my liking, so I am now trying to come up with an assembly all of my own, still in keeping with the look intended by the designers???

Here they all are…….


Thanks for visiting…..

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Linda said...

Go, go, Julie! You're slamming down those WIPs like a possessed woman! Good on you! I like your BOM block layout too. You'll just need to add some random sashing pieces to get everything to fit together, like a jigsaw puzzle. Can't wait to see your finished arrangement.

Joy said...

The BOM is looking fabulous!!! I really like your colours and the layout is great. The Natalie Bird block you replaced fits in just perfectly too :o).
How cool are your placemats too, clever you!!!
Have a fabulous new year!!
Joy :o)

blessed speedy said...

Im glad to see someone else doesnt like the magazine layout for the blocks. As you know Im doing this quilt too and some of the blocks are yukko...Ive been debating just using the blocks Ive already done and making it a wall hanging!

Cath Ü said...

as usual your work is spectacular... love what you do...
Cath Ü