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Friday, August 21, 2009

The week that went....all too fast!

I have nothing to flaunt this wonderful Friday....but that isn't going to stop me from showing and telling what I have been up to for the past 7 days.

First and most importantly is this magazine spread...

Inside Sport - not my usual choice of reading material....but for this I've made an exception!


My youngest sister, Leonie's son Brock is leaving for the U.S. tomorrow. He is a 205cm basketball player and he is on his way to the Washington State University Cougars to play basketball and hopefully get a degree.

The magazine article has caused much excitement in our family. Each member has bought their own copy to 'flaunt' around to anyone who stands still long enough to allow us to rip it out of our handbags!!

We are all very proud of Brock's achievements, and wonder how long it will be before he appears on the cover of the magazine.

If anyone happens to be at the Brisbane International Airport tomorrow my sister will be the one trying hard to hold back the tears with her husband and daughter as they say good bye!

Next item on the agenda.....

I can't show too much of this particular project.....Alison and I are having a Spring Inspired Mini-Swap and I know she will be visiting my this is just a tantalizer....

P1010952 P1010953 P1010954

So far only the vlisofixing has been done.

this is another almost finished project......


Felted bag.....well it will be once it is all stitched together and dipped in hot water........that's the plan anyway! I bought it as a kit at Spotlight a few months ago when they had their 20% off everything sale.

Another almost finished project.....


What I do when I am too tired to stitch, as I hate to have my hands empty when sitting in front of the TV.

The kitchen towels were a demonstration at our local Patchwork club meeting.  I like these ones as they use a towelling tea-towel and the hanging top is crocheted to the folded middle of the towel, creating a double layer to wipe hands on in the kitchen. 

I don't know if it happens to all, but when I cook I managed to get the hand towel dripping wet when it is only single layer. These now need some buttons.

That's it for my week in review.....these posts make me realize how much I actually do get done, even when I don't have a lot completed to show for my efforts!

Thanks for stopping by.



Linda said...

First off, let me assure you that all quilters know how much effort and time it takes to make progress on anything sew-y or craft-y, so you may not say, "I have NOTHING to flaunt." You sure do! Progress on a felted purse, and hand towels is flaunt-worthy. And second, go ahead and flaunt your nephew too. That's wonderful, exciting news! What an adventure it will be for him. All tolled, you've had a very exciting week. Let's see what you do in a boring, normal week!

Sally Westcott said...

Hey Linda, I agree! I was about to say exactly the same thing! you have saved my fingers!

Julie, you are just amazing how much you can fit into one week!!!!

And the nephew flaunt is a big plus too! What a kick start to a young life!


Kate quilts... said...

You don't have to flaunt finished objects, just what you've been doing. I think you've managed very well this week!

Congratulations also, to your nephew and family. Very exciting news.

Fran C said...

Wish your nephew well in America, and your WIP flaunts are legal lol We can't all finish things each week if you are anything like me I have about 5 sewing projects on the go at this time and about to start another when I work out how to digitize the photo.

Al said...

Far Out Brussel Sprout - the quilt looks fantabulous!

I should now reciprocate and give a sneak peek at your quilt that has slowed to snail's pace, shouldn't I?

Sorry - it's not going to happen, but I hope to complete it soon and send it on its way to you!

Young Brock has a fabulous life ahead of him, partly due to being a part of such a caring and supportive family!

aubirdwoman said...

Well done young Brock, a worth flaunt.
As for your sewing etc. inspirational.

Catherine said...

Good luck to your nephew!! Youy projects this week are looking impressive! I have decided to copy the idea of a weekly post (hope you dont mind) I think it is a great is amazing how much you achieve in 7 days!!
Thank you OH Mentor!!!
Have a great week Julie,