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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Only 15 working days.......

Not that I'm counting, until the school holidays!

At my age it probably isn't a good idea to be wishing my life away, but I am so looking forward to the holidays!

This week I've finished a set of ATC's and some Christmas theme Post Cards.

The first year I sent fabric post cards I got a wonderful response.  Last year I was a bit pushed for time so just sent store bought, this year I am starting early!


Cafe Latte - ATC's


Christmas Post Cards

I treated myself to a little retail therapy yesterday and here is the loot....


  • Cute Flannel Panel and matching yardage- for a work mate having a baby.....
  • Meterage from the half price table - aren't those browns delicious?
  • 4 Fat quarters to add to my Dear Jane Collection.
  • Metal Dragon Fly embellishments, Green Stamp Pad and a set of textile markers for ATC's and Postcards.
  • Furnishing fabric that will look fabulous as a bag!

I do love to spread out my loot and admire it before I put it away!

You may also notice that the secret swap I'm doing with Al had progressed too, check out the background in the above shot.

 P1010960 P1010958

Happy 24th Birthday Corrie!

Another birthday was celebrated. Corrie turned 24 so we had a little celebration.  Cohen, one of Jordan's friends was staying for the weekend, so he helped us to celebrate.

I made a Chocolate Mud Cake, it contained 400g of dark chocolate between the cake and the icing, so a very small serve was all that was needed.

P1010973 P1010974

I worked on this block from Homespun Breast of Friends BOM, it is very relaxing for me to just stitch, if only I can get it into my head it is OK to just sit and stitch. That is the problem I have to work on every day.

I am trying to take a leaf out of Cathy's book, she says she gets so much hand stitching done, while watching TV. I will have to start reminding myself, "Cathy says it's OK!"

Thanks for stopping by,



Sally Westcott said...

Hi Julie,

I love the idea of the christmas postcards! Can I borrow the idea? I'm completely hopeless at sending postcards but if I make them I might be a bit more inclined!



Catherine said...

Hi Julie,
You do get some stitching done while watching tv...although my stitching spends a bit of time resting on my lap at the moment!! I am counting down for holidays too...5 school days left!! Can you explain ATC..cant for the life of me work out what it means...Im a bit vague...I am enjoying a very wet day stitching and watching DVD's...very lazy and decadent!!
Enjoy your weekend! CAthyx

aubirdwoman said...

I agree with Sally. what a lovely idea. I too find it hard to sit and hand stitch during the day. but I always stitch whilst watching the TV at night. Think thats why I dont mind watching repeats... I probably miss bits.
lovely work as usual Julie.

Kate quilts... said...

It all looks quite lovely, as usual. :)

I like your new siggy better, too. Sorry I wasn't more help.

cinzia said...

what a great idea.. and if I can get motivated I will also start soon and make some. thanks for the idea

Sue said...

Hi Julie
My goodness you do get a 'fair bit done' don't you, and everything is lovely as usual. Love the Christmas Postcards.
I know how you feel, that it should be O.K. to sit and stitch during the day.
I find I can do it at night in front of TV but during the day, one feels guilty? Shouldn't I know.
Great about your nephew!!