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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

I've been busy.....keeping out of trouble!

So what have I got for show'n'tell today.....

P1010860 Postcards using my new favourite technique free motion raw edge applique.

P1010861 ATC using some interesting threads I bought at the Brisbane Textile Show last weekend. WonderFil Specialty Threads.

P1010867 Block 6 of Gail Pan's BOM. I have now used up my small stash of this particular red fabric, so I am now trying to decide what I can use for the remainder of the blocks, any suggestions?

P1010863 This little Cutie is from Bunny Hill Designs, and I am powering along with these blocks now I am using the back basting method of needle turn applique.

The following photographs are of a work in progress.  I joined this swap Spring Blooms - Mini Quilts Swap and this is my contribution.  As the theme suggests you will probably guess the swap is based in the northern hemisphere as here in OZ we are on the 9th day of winter.  I am loving this project, I just hope the recipient does too!

P1010864 P1010865


Now that is enough from me, it is time to bring in the washing and begin preparations for dinner.  It has been a lovely "Nappy Drying Day" here in Brisbane!  You know, sunny and windy!  Nothing like being slapped in the face by a wet nappy as you try to hang it on the clothes line..there is a certain advantage to being too old for more children of my own!!!!!!!!


Catherine said...

Love your analogy of a wet nappy...thank goodness I am to old too!!
Ohh, and I love the Spring blossom work...beautiful...well done!
I have started the Tisket basket blocks...button-holing mine by hand...I will have to be brave and start needle-turn though I think...I have been avoiding it..but I think the time has come!! CAthyx

Linda said...

These are some lovely pieces, Julie. And don't you just love back-basting applique? It's my new favorite applique method. Check out my latest project at Thanks!

Al said...

Brilliant work as usual, Julie! I also succumbed to a box of special threads at the AQC earlier this year - I hope to play with them in the holidays..... :-)