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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Not Happy Jane!


E-3 Paddle Wheels

This simple looking Dear Jane block has given me a rough time! Being as particular make that pedantic, I really struggled to get the right finished size. I used the EQ Dear Jane program to print the rotary cutting instructions, and cut the fabric. (That was the easy bit)

Stitching the centre blocks together using the half square triangle method seemed easy enough as with the outer squares.  I knew by the rectangle widths what to trim the corner blocks to, however the centre blocks gave me a headache!

I thought I had worked out the correct size, but stitching the outer sections to the inner square made me realize they were a smidgeon consequently the needed a little persuading to fit together.

After I got out the big - hot - persuader, adding a touch of steam and spray starch, the finished block makes the size.....but only just!

So that is why I'm not Happy Jane!


PamelaJ said...

All I can say is wait till you try H 2 Jacob's ladder yuk.! now that was tricky and I still have the applique to go on it.2 tiny little triangles.Just remember finished is better than perfect.!

blessed speedy said...

Dont worry about it once the sashing is on no one will ever know btw I foundation pieced this one - very few have I actually rotary cut the pieces- they are just TOO small

Solstitches said...

I just hate it when things don't go to plan.
I'm no expert but would paper piecing not have been easier?
At least it turned out well in the end.