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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Alphabet Stitcheries from Cath Walker now complete


J to R

Cath Walker's Stitcheries

S to Z

After sending off my last post from Windows Live Writer, I noticed I had this post in my drafts......can't have that can we?

The last block Z for zebra was finished in the final hours of the last day of my holidays and that was way back on the 26th January. It was my goal to complete the Stitcheries before I returned to work and by George I did it!


Kali said...

My goodness you have been such a busy girl Julie! Love your work.
What fabrics are you using for Breast of Friends? I've been ploughing away on the first block all week, but the end is in sight now.

Katherine said...

Lovely stitcheries, Julie. What will you doing with them? Are they for a quilt?

jacquie said...

these are so great! congrats on finishing them!

Solstitches said...

Well done on reaching the end of the series. It's a cute set.