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Sunday, November 09, 2008

I'm baaaaaaaack! & 2008 Quilt Retreat

Well for those of you who thought I had died .......

not so! I am back from retreat and finally able to update my blog.

Those of you who know me are forgiven for thinking a week without hearing from me could only mean death, but in my defense I have been busy 'paying the piper' for my weekend away, we women always have to pay the price for a great time away from our usual duties don't we?

I arrived home to find Leah had cut her arm badly on a glass door panel and needed a trip to emergency, and 7 stitches. The muscle needed repairing so she is struggling to use her left arm at the moment, although I am sure it will be easier once the internal stitches do their work!

She needed some TLC from her mummy on Sunday night! Thankfully she has 19 years of experiencing my version of TLC and isn't aware some mothers do it much better than me!

Now the Retreat Report!

The weekend began without the usual downpour, although it was very hot and would have been a welcome relief. 27 of us gathered for a weekend of fun and laughter with some stitching and eating thrown in.

Helen A was heading off to drive to Cairns for her youngest daughters wedding and could only join us or dinner Friday night, but she refused to miss out on the chance to catch up with friends from previous retreats.

Sue K opted to spend the weekend with us rather than her family and we helped her to toast her 40th Birthday to be celebrated on the Monday.

Now far be it for me to reveal all the adventures the group got up to.....I for one was very well behaved and despite what others may tell you, I didn't fall off my chair due to inebriation, rather a miss timing of wheels and leaning take a swig from my wine glass, perhaps!

As there is no photographic evidence ( I got up too quickly) you will have to believe my version of events!

There were many, many, wonderful projects started/finished and worked on that each and every one of us got oodles of motivation and inspiration. If a retreat is to be judged by one thing alone I would suggest it is the level of conversation and laughter, and that means ours was a raging success!

Now for those of you I promised links to sites please email me and refresh my memory.....if it wasn't for the alternative, I would not recommend getting older!!

Now I must get back to whatever it was I was doing before I started this blog update! Damn this old age!!!!!

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On my Verandah.. said...

Hi Julie
Welcome Back...Glad to hear you had a Great Retreat...Best to keep a Hold on that Wine Glass..You could have done Damage.!!