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Saturday, September 06, 2008

I've had an epiphany!

In the early hours of this morning I awoke for a 'wee walk', while trying to go back to sleep I had what can only be described as an Epiphany!

As I lay there thinking of how tired I was after getting up every morning at 4.15am for work, and should not be having trouble going go back to sleep, when a thought crept into my head.

I have just two week until the school holiday begin and therefore two weeks until my holidays begin and I realized I had put many thing off to be completed during those holidays that I just knew that I would get very little time to do any of the more pleasurable pursuits I had been looking forward to.

So my thoughts turned to what was contributing to my jobs list and I realized it was the amount time I spent on the computer and the time I had been spending working in my sewing room on bit and pieces.

Now my plan is to spend my time away from work over the next two week getting the 'must-do' jobs completed in order to spend the holidays on things I want to do!

My list of 'must-do' jobs included getting our records completed to have our tax done! NUMBER ONE!

Clean the inside of the caravan from the last holiday - 8 weeks ago! Greg is off to Bathurst for his annual pilgrimage to Rev-Head Heaven and he has done his part of the cleaning the job the outside! So I am letting the side down!

My spare room is piled up with things that need attending to, and then there is the annual setting up of the businesses paperwork for the new financial year....that is already over two months old!

So you can see how naughty I have been! I have been blaming my new hours at work, and to be fair it has certainly contributed, but I have to get my act together!

Writing this here is a way of making a commitment! being accountable! I shall update my there is no allowance for failure in this plan!

Good by for now!

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