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Monday, September 22, 2008

1st Holiday Project Completed

These cargo pants are hot of the sewing machine, and boy am I glad!

Jordan and I visited Spotlight on Thursday for the fabric, he chose this 'camo pin cord' the pattern, zips and buttons.

I started to cut them out yesterday, it was very hot and I had the ceiling fan going..... I had forgotten how annoying pattern tissue can be when combined with a ceiling fan!!!

Then I had Jordan coming to see the progress of the pants....not a problem one would think.....but every 5 minutes?

In the end I had to pack them away for the evening, the pressure was killing my creativity!!!!!

When I awoke this morning I knew that if I didn't get them finished today I would get no peace from the "Cargo Pants Police"!

He has tried them on and given them a big tick of was all I could do to talk him out of putting them on right then and there.

Now on to more interesting pursuits!
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