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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Thread Storage Pocket

Thread Storage Pocket for my newly purchased DMC Linen stranded threads.

I wanted to keep the Linen threads separate from my other stranded threads.

I had made a thread storage pocket before but decided to customise this one to my own requirements. It turned out quite good, even if I do say so myself!

Having just returned from 2 weeks holiday (away from my sewing that really a holiday?) I was in need of some serious one on one therapy with my sewing room. My #1 machine is having her annual service and although I did get home early enough on Friday to pick her up, I resisted.

I knew I would have a pile of washing and ironing and felt that I should really get to that before I collected my machine.

Thankfully my #2 machine was happy to oblige, once my chores were done!

She's still got it!
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Al said...

qI love the look of your project, Julie - it should keep you on track!

Jane said...

Julie you are a legend. I did one of these for my hand needles but I must confess I am sticking to plastic storage boxes for my threads, silk threads, silk ribbons and all my other crazy quilting goodies.
It just occurred to me that the shop where I purchased them at a reasonable price is no longer here. Just here when I needed it.
Happy sewing.