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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Block of the Week quilt top completed

Block of the Week

from Crazy Mom Quilts - This is where it all began!

It was late in December 2007 when I was sent to this very creative blog by my friend Lissa, she had found this block of the week, and was planning on using her considerable 1930's stash.

I used my scraps and 4 cream tone on tone fat 1/4's for the back ground, all from my stash.

I did purchase the fabric for the sashings but it was on sale, so that hardly counts? Does it?

Today I finished the top and have to say that I am amazed with the result. I almost chickened out of doing the 2 1/2" scrappy borders when I found I had to cut over 430 of the little suckers.

When I layed out the top with just the first set of sashings, I felt it was very 'white' and washed out looking. I thought that the extra colour of the 2 1/2" squares may lift it. I have to say that all that cutting was worth it, because it brought the whole thing together and the washed out 'white' look has gone.

I will have to think carefully about how to quilt it now.

Having completed the quilt top, gives me renewed enthusiasm for my other projects in progress.
Stay tuned for more finished projects over the next few weeks!


Lissa Jane said...

hmmm you'd think someone who buys so much fabric would use it quicker than they buy it and actually finish something?? but alas no, my sampler is still calling for me to put it together.. you do know she (aka the crazy mom apposed to the cats mum) has a new Block of the Week that started this very week????

looks great Julie (as per)

take care


Jacquie said...

It's so cool to see all of these come together and how different they all are. Way to go!

Sew Prim Khris said...

You are too good Julie...well done. Its terrific..hugs Khris
p.s. great to see a pic of you up..Hey I know I have seen your face :-)

Rachelmp said...

Hi Julie - it looks wonderful! That Lissa has a lot to answer for.. hahaha