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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Quilting of the 9 Fat Quarter Quilt top

Not only am I right out of my comfort zone quilting such a detailed all over quilting design, but I'm learning all about my camera in the process.

Trying to work out how to turn off the automatic flash so that my fabric colours look as close to real life as possible, has been challenging me for some time.

I thought that it was just adequate light that made the flash not activate, but I realized that wasn't the case, and that on other occasions I must have 'accidentally' turned the flash off without knowing it!

There is a teeny-tiny button that has a minuscule symbol on it to denote the button to press if wanting to turn off the flash.....thank goodness the 112 pages of camera manual aren't using such tiny poor old eyes couldn't read the symbol, even with my reading glasses on!
I feel a bit like I imagine a blind person must feel, without my glasses I am relying on my memory and sense of touch to operate the camera...

I have quilted about 2/3rd's and will need a break to rest my shoulders before I complete the rest. I have had the pleasure of listening to an audio book while quilting, and it has made the time pass quickly, I hardly noticed the 7 bobbins I have emptied so far!
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Lindi said...

The quilting certainly looks lovely, Julie. Well worth the effort. I love your fabric choices, too.

PamelaJ said...

Hey That quilting looks better than mine on the frame !! Very nice work, and worth the sore shoulders.

PamelaJ said...

Hey your quilting looks better than mine on the frame !! Very Nice!!