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Sunday, March 09, 2008

The Obsession Continues

What I hear you say........another bag? Well yes I must admit my obsession continues. This clever little tote bag is from the Happy Hour book I mentioned in an earlier post. It used 3 fat quarters and a little wadding and lining.

I added a phone pocket to the inside and changed the handles a little. I changed the handle design to accommodate my preference for over the shoulder handles. The pattern had a clever knot at the end of the handle straps, but as I was using fat quarters and didn't think about joining strips, I left the knots off because they took up too much fabric.

I will definitely add then next time and make them slightly longer.
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Lissa Jane said...

another bag? you are the Imelda Marcos of bags I am sure of it!

your bunny block looks great too!


Phyl said...

I DO understand the whole bag

Thanx for stopping by to enter my contest.

Good luck!

I am gonna try that darling 9 FQ quilt you made, too.

Nicole and Phil said...

great bag! I have a sock obsession at the moment...ther ecould be worse thnigs that we could be addicted to! ;)