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Friday, March 28, 2008

It's a New Project!

This is my newest project........what is it I hear you ask? Well just for something different it isn't a bag!!! I found these fabrics at a bargain price.....and it is far more important to talk about how much I saved buying these lovelies than to remind me I am supposed to be on a self imposed "No Purchase" plan!

My excuse was a tough day at work and 20% off all fabrics sale........what a lethal combination! So to cut to the chase....I have cut up my fabrics ready for the new project.....

I had no trouble whatsoever choosing the darker fabrics but I knew a bit of contrast was required if I planned on using them we will see how my combination works.

I am admitting to using one of my earlier post purchases here remembering I was on a "No Purchase" plan then too! Oh stop laughing....I managed to make it through two and a half months before I caved in!
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blessed speedy said...

SO what are you
BTW love the barrel bag and love how you are whipping thru the ufo's

Lissa Jane said...

hahahaha.. you made it two months longer than me on your diet!!! LOL

Love your new project.. and of course fancy seeing a new bag on your blog???