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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Yo Yo Bag

Inspired by some fabric scraps (totally out of my comfort zone!) given to me by Ms Patten at retreat this year, I decided to use my newly acquired Clover Yo-Yo makers. I made just as many in the small size as I had fabric squares and the same with the larger size. Then I stitched the strips together....I didn't trim them at all, just stitched them together!

I did a little free motion quilting, in a simple daisy like flower pattern randomly over the rectangle and wadding.

The resulting rectangle was a bit too large for the bag I pictured in my mind, but fortunately.....I had forgotten to make handles, so I whacked off a couple of 1.5" strips from the width of the rectangle, this fixed both dilemma's...handles and a narrower rectangle!

I added a pocket to my lining and put it all together, boxing the bottom. I stitched the yo-yo's around the top and to the handles.

Today I took it for a road test when we went for a drive to Toowoomba, my purse, mobile phone, reading glasses and my camera all fitted perfectly!

Another bag to add to my growing collection!
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Linda said...

Wow! Love the bag, Julie!
Cheers, Linda

Lissa Jane said...

Love the bag, but I am beginning to think you are a Bag Whore as well as a Widget Whore???

How many bags is that now??

who is yet to finish a couple of bags.. *sigh* too much happening in my other life..