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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Day 2007

Christmas day was an interesting one!

Jordan wasn't allowed to wake us up before 7am. So at exactly 7.01 am he came into our room!

Leah and Corrie arrived early to open presents with us then share a breakfast of Waffles, ice cream and fruit, YUM!

I was very spoiled, Greg gave me a lap top. Jordan got a DS-Lite and 2 games, along with some other bit and pieces for the game console, a couple of books and a book light minus any batteries (bugger).

Leah got a printer and some clothes and gift card to spend on new undies! Corrie got tools and a tool box.

Greg was very difficult to buy for as usual, and I could only come up with the suggestion of a lawn mower, it felt a bit like a vacuum cleaner as a gift would be to me....but what is a girl to do? He picked out the one he wanted I bought it and drove around with in the back of the car for a few days cause I couldn't get it out on my own, and I didn't want to spoil the 'surprise' asking Greg to lift it out for me before Christmas Day!

Lunch was a quiet affair at Mums place, we fought a losing battle with the flies and vowed to make changes to next years plans!

Dinner later at Greg's mothers place, I enjoyed some lovely ham on toast! My favorite Christmas meal! The rest of the family had been there earlier, so it was very quiet.

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