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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Ta! Da! Scrap Quilt Top is complete.....almost

My Scrap quilt top is complete, well it still needs borders, but the hard work is finished!
I had only a small section left to do and thought I would work on it today, but last night I was staying up while Jordan watched Lord of the Rings and decided that I would start working on it while he watch the TV.
It hardly took any time at all to finish, and I went to bed with a great feeling of satisfaction for a job well done!
While ironing the last seam I checked out my points, I had a look on my face that could be described as a grimace, hoping to find them to be satisfactory....I was pleasantly surprised to note that just about all of them are still pointy. I thought about my technique and think that my use of a "Hairy McLary" is probably one of the main contributing factors to my pointy points!!
In fact the picture shows my second "Hairy McLary" of this project, so many seams it seems!
These are the border fabrics I am auditioning. My choices are limited by the fact that I want to use only fabrics from my stash, in a kind of scrap tradition!


cat in tassie said...

wow, it didn't take you long to get this quilt top together! It looks great - now I have another way to use up some more of my stash. Thanks for the idea.

Natalie said...

Well worth making looks great and isn't that last pressing a lovely feeling.....Natalie

chook said...

wow your top looks fab

Anonymous said...

Wow this looks really good Julie. I love it. Khris