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Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Scrap Quilt - An update

For those of you following the progress of my latest project - The Scrap Quilt. The top is now complete! I used the fabrics I auditioned and photographed in my last post, they seemed to work and they were the most suitable fabrics of the size required. Yesterday I took the top to be professionally quilted by a lovely lady called Pat Sloane of Quilts Amore at Sinnamon Park in the western suburbs of Brisbane.
It should be ready by late November and then I will bind it and post a completed photograph soon after, this is my first project in a long long time to be professionally quilted...I may get to where I like it and become a 'Topper'...who knows?
This is probably the largest project I have finished in such a short time and I think it is in part due to my blog postings motivating me to get it done! Also helped that it was school holidays and Greg was in Bathurst watching the V8 Super Cars and my time was much less in demand by my family!
Thanks for your comments it really helped!


sMC said...

I agree blogging does make you finish projects. I blogged about my scrap Fratured Log Cabins, and quite a few times I would have thrown it, except I felt I couldn't say I failed when I blogged:)

david santos said...

Hello, Julie. I come to desire a good weekend to you for you and your pupils