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Friday, April 06, 2007

New Digital Camera

I've gone and done it! I have upgraded my Digital Camera! I've been thinking about upgrading for a few months, my old camera was such a good camera and still working perfectly, I was having a hard time justifying the expense of a new camera.

The thought began peculating about the time Jordan was photographed receiving his trophy for soccer last year. I was standing, camera at the ready to take the shot as he accepted his trophy and shook hands with his coach.....what did I end up with...the back of his head as he turned to walk away!

I then began looking into cameras with a quicker shutter speed than the one I was used to. I decided on the Panasonic TZ1, is isn't by any means the top of the range, but more like what I actually had, with a few extras thrown in to sweeten the deal. The newer models have been released so the price of the older model was more to my liking!

What pushed me to actually make the purchase do I hear you ask? My sister mentioned she was thinking about buying a digital camera for her own personal use. They have a 'family' camera that her husbands treats with the utmost respect and pride, so much so that the camera is never ready for those moments you just want to take a snap.... she had thought about buying a 'cheapie' and asked me for my suggestion of a suitable choice....I thought about it for a while then I suggested she buy mine as it had many of the features the more expensive models have and the ease of use was perfect for her as a novice.

She agreed as long as I installed it for her and showed how to use it....I did both and she is one very happy little sister.

I am one very happy big sister, because I now have my new camera and am having a wonderful time learning how to use it.

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