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Sunday, January 06, 2013

Scatterdays Blog Post Challenge



  1. Expensive
  2. Musical
  3. Exciting
  4. WIP (Quilting Related)

I’m really stumped!  I thought when I signed up for this challenge it would be a simple matter of coming up with an idea, photographing my idea and posting it to my blog for all to see!  Well it seemed simple, but for some reason my mind is totally blank!

I’ve visited a few of the blogs taking part in the challenge, and now I’m even more stumped! I look at the choices from the others and think, why didn’t I think of those?


1. EXPENSIVE – Recently I lost my every day WATCH and I found myself looking for something to replace it.  EXPENSIVE was the word that kept coming into my mind, and when I stumbled upon these WATCHES by Rolex I realized that they were never going to make it into my life!!! I can happily say I found my WATCH and I am wearing it still!


3. EXCITING – WATCHING my grandchildren get to know each other.


4. WIP – (Quilting related) This was easy….I’m WORKING on this stitchery WHILE I WATCH just about total crap in TV during the summer non rating period!


2. MUSICAL - I have absolutely no musical ability, unless you count being able to use an MP3 player, a CD player, or from the good old days a Record Player and a Cassette Deck… I have gone to great expense and dredged up an image of a WHOLE Note?

Phew….I did it! It wasn’t that hard, I just had to sit down and make an effort!!!

Thanks for visiting my blog, and I promise to be better next category post!!

Julie xxx


Sue said...

I love your sense of humour - especially about the watch. When I saw your W I thought wow, its the same as Linda's. Then I realised you were showing us what you SHOULD have done. haha!
Love the baby photo!

Luv 2 Sew Things said...

Good effort! Looking forward to reading your next letter....R.

Vireya said...

Well you made me smile!

Good thing you didn't have to buy a new watch. You could buy lots of fabric for the price of a Rolex.

Tammy said...

Glad you found your watch, a Rolex costs as much as a house in some cases and I hear theives love to steal them. I like Fossil watches, usually under 100 and stylish if you ever need to go watch looking again. Your blog was cute and you did a great job!! Hugs and Happy New Year!!

blessed speedy said...

Well done! Especially your two grandchildren

jacaranda said...

Well done, you did it, not so hard once you do the first challenge. Great photos.

Joy V said...

At least you made it! Good choices for 'W'. Now on to letter 'R'.

Liz Needle said...

I too had a giggle over your post. Looking forward to the next one.

Cathy said...

Love your Grandbaby pic!! xx