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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Road trip turns cold

Since our arrival in the Southern Highlands it has turned really cold.  With top temps of 13 deg with a wind chill factor of a lot less it has been a struggle to keep warm.

I knew it would be cool, I just wasn’t prepared for how cold.  I’ve trawled the Op Shops looking for suitable clothes for the weather.

I managed to find a coat, jeans and scarf.  Yesterday I was dressed entirely in second hand clothes apart from my undies, even my bra was a hand me down from a friend!!!! 

Jordan has the photographic evidence on his Ipod, I will have to do a fashion blog when we get home.


Fitzroy Falls

P1050698 P1050704

 P1050703 P1050705

After a walk through the national park we continued into Kangaroo Valley.

P1050712 I remember this one lane bridge from a previous visit.

P1050709 Coffee and chocolate was the perfect body warmer.

P1050707 P1050708P1050710The gardens spectacular, the Wisteria especially

Today we tried to get away from the cold, and so we headed coastward to Nowra.  The wind was lighter, without the ice.

P1050713  P1050714 

We stopped at this little Antique & Collectable shop on our way to Nowra.

P1050723  P1050724

It was cold once more out at the light house.

P1050717 P1050718 P1050719 P1050720

This brings another day to a close.  It’s nice and warm here inside the van and we are very comfortable.

Thanks for visiting,

Julie xxx


Sue said...

What a wonderful journey you are having. Shame you got caught out with the cold. We were the oposite on our little adventure. I packed for the cold and wet ( as in Auckland) and we had 3 beautiful hot sunny days. Your photos are fab!

Sue said...

Meant to say - can't wait for the fashion show!!