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Saturday, August 06, 2011

The week that was…..

After a disastrous finish to my week, I was ever so glad the weekend had arrived to allow me to retire to lick my wounds!

It started with a fabulous dinner date with my friends Margaret and Ann, we realised we had been friends for 20 years and what more reason do friends need to celebrate? Well Ann had recently turned 60 and was the proud Nanna to her first grand child, Margaret and I had no such claims to fame, but we tagged along on Ann’s coat tails just the same!

Dinner was at the Thai Emperor, reasonably central for us all, Margaret managed to get herself lost, and still be the first to arrive!! A delicious selection was ordered for us to share. Ann did trying to leave without paying, causing us to lapse into hysterical laughter, it was a magical night for us all.

Today I enjoyed a nice sleep-in. The remainder of the day rushed by in a blur of the usual weekend activities, tomorrow being Sunday we may go for a drive, it is exciting checking out local places of interest, especially good to check them out before taking friends and family when they visit.

On the stitching front……

P1040372 P1040373


1. Flannel and Satin “Woobies” for Brooklynn. 2. A tiny stitchery that grew, and grew.3.  Finally a selvedge bag.

That was last weekends projects, and this weekend, nothing so far!

It was my LPWC meeting this week and here are the photographs of Show & Tell


They are a talented group of women aren’t they!

It’s now bed time for me, but before I leave, here is a beautiful photograph of Brooklynn and her mummy Leah..

284512_10150297073362249_522632248_7946953_3732532_n 263287_239879352711569_198063086893196_822861_1592806_n

So good night and thanks for visiting……

Julie xxx


Tammy said...

Your Granddaughter is so pretty - what a beautiful photo, and lord is she growing quickly. Love your stitchery that grew and grew - just beautiful!! Hope this next week is much better for you!!

Sue said...

Isn't lovely to go out girlfriends and laugh away the hours. What a beautiful photo - 'those eyes'
Glad you had a good time after a
'settimana orribile'( I am trying to copy the Queen but she said a horrible year - in Latin. Yours was a week) Lucky I live with an Italian.haha