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Sunday, June 05, 2011

Don’t count the days, make the days count!

Oh but it’s so hard!

I’m feeling exhausted and so ready for a little holiday I am struggling with my new year promise.  While I’ve been a little quite, I haven’t been idle.

P1040173 P1040174

This bag is for my face book friend Tarnya, who also happens to be the daughter-in-law of one of my oldest and dearest friends Pam.  Tarnya has only days to go to the birth of her second child and she admired the bag I made for Leah and asked if I could make her one.  She sent me the purple spot and the blue paisley fabric and I added a few scraps from my stash to complete it.

She has been very patient,  I have had the motivation of a slug of late and had to smack my self around, metaphorically speaking to get it completed before the bub arrived! Ahhhhh it’s done!

So while I have been sluggish I’ve managed to keep my fingers moving, I have several half finished projects I’d like to share with you.

P1040182  images

This knitted nappy cover is to help Leah keep Brooklynn’s PJ’s dry at night.  She uses Modern Cloth Nappies exclusively and was given a hint recently to help overnight when the baby is sleeping through and that was to use woollen nappy covers.  I love to knit, and went directly to Spotlight to find a suitable pattern and some 100% wool to get started.  As you can see I still have one leg band to go!

P1040185 Next half finished project is this twisty scarf. The yarn is an acrylic blend that is very soft to the touch and feels lovely against my neck. My arthritic finger keeps me from spending too much time crocheting so with luck it will be finished before winter ends!

Speaking of fingers,  I know Linda loves to see my fingernails and has admitted to finger nail envy, I have my last nail art session to show. Frell is my nail tech and the most talented artist I know.


Pink and Black Spots…….I can’t resist spots!


This is Greg’s latest garden project at our place.  A customer gave him the old washing trolley and Greg painted it and turned it into a plant stand, for our patio area.  We have a Bromeliad that’s beginning to flower and 4 different colours of some lovely bulb type plant that I can’t remember the name of, on display.

As you will probably have guessed from the fingernails I don’t do any of the gardening, although I do like to give advice and make suggestions!  All of which are usually totally ignored, because that’s what Greg does for a living, so he probably knows a whole lot more about it than I do….you’ll be pleased to know it hasn’t stopped me from trying to add my two cents worth help.

P1040150 Jordan’s first cooking attempt:-  Pizza Subs, using a hotdog bread roll cut in half, spread with pizza sauce, adding pepperoni and grated cheese, then into the pre heated oven for about 5 minutes……he said it was a very tasty success!

254293_10150225481817249_522632248_7344339_3761326_n This cheesy grin cracks me up!

Thanks for visiting.


Julie xxx

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Dianne said...

Great post Julie. One thing is for sure, you are never idle. The scarf is going to be good, and the bag you made is gorgeous. That cheesy grin on Brooklyn sure is cute. Di.