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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Another weekend ends…..

This weekend was a busy one for socializing. No time for stitching, a little time spent baking, a lot of time spent talking, laughing, and generally enjoying the company of family and friends.

Saturday was the SCQ GTG at The Quilters Store at Salisbury. A very enjoyable day spent with like minded women, who enjoy chatting, stitching, sharing information and supporting each other.

P1040089  P1040090

This is my stitching efforts for show and tell. A mug bag from a kit I bought when in Melbourne recently, a really nice memento of the trip.

P1040092  P1040093

Baking for a family GTG today. Creamy Apple Custard Crumble, and Mini Lemon Custard Cakes.

My nephew Brock is back from the US for the summer vacation where he is studying and playing Basketball for Washington State University.

He also has two friends staying for a few weeks and we all got to meet them at the family GTG, a lovely couple, Katie and Charlie.


You are sure to be able to pick out the basketball players at the back of the group.

P1040095  Brock with Brooklynn, the first time they’ve met!

Carrying on from last weeks post with the generations photographs, I have another.


Here we are, the four generations of girls in my family. 

Now I’m at home, catching up on the washing, hanging and folding clean clothes, and getting ready for another work week. Lunches are packed, clothes ready for Monday and I’m ready for bed!

Thanks for visiting.

Julie xxx


Maree: said...

Yeah a Lovely Generation Piccie..
well done.

Sue said...

Nice pics Jules.
Hey how about the recipe for those Mini Lemon Custard cakes. Looks yummy.

Luv 2 Sew Things said...

Lovely photo of the four of you.