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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

New Blogger Gadget

I’m a gadget girl so when my Blog Friend Maree pointed out the “Follow by Email” gadget, I just had to have one too.

So those of you who would like to know when I’ve updated my blog, just by checking your emails this gadget is for you too.

Easy Peasy…..enter your email address, follow the prompts and ‘Bob’s your Uncle’

Just because I’m here, I thought I have an almost mid week blog update, this must mean I am feeling like my old self again, although still coughing!!!

P1030822 P1030825 P1030830 The bag is a replica (only different fabric) of Fabric Origami Bukuro I made at the Brother stand of the Brisbane Craft Expo recently, Using a special fat quarter and a bit of scrap black I created the bag, then wanting to use up every morsel of the special fat quarter I made a coat/jacket for this empty jam jar. With just a smidgeon of it left, just enough for a yo-yo and a fabric tube or two, I plan on tarting up the lid . After that effort I did require a nanny nap!

P1030826 P1030827

You may wonder why my stitching is being stored in my refrigerator? Well, I have had a bad experience with iron-on transfers in the past, I prepped several stitcheries and put them away until I found the time to begin……took them out of the storage box, and most of the design had disappeared! It appears that heat does that to them…..not that it’s mentioned on the pattern pack anywhere that I can find!

This time I thought I would be a bit clever and put this one in the fridge between stitching sessions!

P1030828 I thought I might be a little rusty with my stitching, but so far so good! I’m really enjoying the process, confirming my suspicions that embroidery may be my first love!

P1030829 While blog trawling tonight I found this tutorial at Quiltsalott for a Biscourn Pin Cushion. I’ve seen them recently and always thought how difficult they looked, this tutorial has smashed that misconception. Who would have guessed it required 2 x 4 1/2” squares. Some of which I had prepared earlier….. Now it needs stuffing……stay tuned for the finished item on my next blog post!

There is another reason for a blog update……….drum roll please…….Brooklynn has a tooth!

198316_10150128010188864_753333863_6406638_3965154_n 197530_10150173500352249_522632248_6871486_3296123_n 183074_10150135700762249_522632248_6672908_444982_n

Oh and she’s sitting up! Sorry no photo of ‘The Tooth’ apparently it’s only just cut the gum!! I haven’t actually seen it yet, but I’m certain it is the prettiest little tooth to go with the prettiest little girl!

Not that I’m biased at all!

Back to my stitching, or maybe off to bed….. as yet undecided.

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Linda said...

It's lovely to see what you've been up to, Julie. I appreciate the heat/cold tip about stitchery transfers. I had no idea! Yes, you definitely have a gift with stitchery. That "First" piece is so cute, and your stitches are perfection... as is that darling little Brooklyn. Happy tooth-day and sit-up day! She's growing up quickly.

Leah said...

I assure you the TEETH are very cute, did I mention there's TWO? Not so cute when she bites you with them, however!