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Friday, April 22, 2011

A catch up blog post

I have been a bit busy of late and forgot to show the photos from my LPC (Local Patchwork Club) show and tell from earlier this month. I remembered this while taking photographs of the mid month meeting…

20th April 2011

Vision Patchwork 20th April 2011

1. Kathryn’ felt pincushion 2. Pot Holders? 3. Sandy's Pincushions 4. Suzie with ‘the girls’ 5. Sandy’s Baby quilt 6. Kathryn’s table topper 7. Debbie’s woven scarf 8. Woven Pouch

Vision Patchwork 20th April 20111

1. Gail’s stitchery 2. Margaret’s coat hangers 3. Joy’s “mending” 4. Margaret’s Scrap/pin bin 5. Jeanette’s Christmas Tree 6. Kathryn’s Miniature quilts. 7. Jeanette’s Candle mat 8.Debbie’s applique block.

6th April 2011


1. Gail’s bag 2. Debbie’s applique block 3. Sandy’s whole quilt 4. Sue’s Wall hanging 5. 6. & 7. Margaret's’ bags 8. Gail’s crazy chook pot holder 9. & 10. Gail’s Pockets


1. Kathryn’s table topper 2. Jeanette’s stitching cushion 3. Maree’s quilt top 4. Judy’s Reindeer 5. Kathryn’s beading 6. Cindy’s mats 7. Judy's applique 8. Kathryn’s Angel Tassle 9. Kathryn’s Challenge quilt 10. Maree’s apron. 11. Jeanette’s embroidered quilt 12. Sue’s half square triangle idea 13. Jeanette’s candle mat.

There was an interesting observation at this weeks meeting….Sandy said she was actually pleased that the expectation of show and tell at least every second meeting has inspired and motivated her to get more done, and she said “Thank you Julie!”

Ha ha ha, I’m still a bit of a tyrant!!!!

Julie xxx


Dianne said...

I love looking at your group's show and tell. They seem to be an industrial lot. Lovely to see Brooklyn bringing you so much joy. 6 months is such an adorable age. Enjoy. Di.

Luv 2 Sew Things said...

WOW, what a productive group you are and diverse at that! Well done girls.