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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Week one of my holidays already gone!

If I could only slow the hands of tine!!!

It’s been a busy, fun week. I both love and hate this particular week of the year. So much to do, so many things left until the last moment, and those wonderful GTG with friends and family.

It’s been hot and humid with thunder storms to cool things down. I’m happy to be at home when a storm is at it’s peak. A shower of rain is just passing right now, only a little thunder, no lightening, but another area close by is sure to be copping both, it could be our turn next!


Such a forlorn sight, a pool in the rain!

I did a little cooking this week, Christmas Shortbread and Caramel Fudge.


Some of the baking made it into gift wrapping for my friends Sheryl and Toni, we have a Christmas GTG every year and have done so for many, many years. These lovely girls have helped me through some really tough times and I love them dearly!


Another couple of gifts. I decorated the water bottles with rub on decals, and the little gift boxes (edited 5/1/2011 - the idea comes from my workmate Shelly, she has just pointed out I didn't credit her with teaching me how to make them........??LOL) are made originally from a Christmas card, but I chose to use some Christmas themed scraping papers cut to 8.5” by 6” then used a hole punch so I could pass the ribbon through. These were filled with sweets for another couple of dear friends, Ann and Margaret. Ann told us last night at our Christmas GTG that we have been friends 20 years in 2011……how amazing! These girls, just like Toni and Sheryl have been there for me through thick and thin, and I am forever grateful for their wonderful friendship….I love you!

A week without a visit from our beautiful daughter Leah, with our amazing grand-daughter Brooklynn wouldn’t be worth thinking about.


Looks as if she is going to be a thumb sucker, just like her mother!

I had planned on blogging much earlier in the week to show what else I’ve been up to, but I wasn’t able to transfer my phone photos over to my new laptop, apparently it’s driver isn’t compatible with Windows 7. I had an A HA! moment this morning, I transferred them to the PC running XP and then transferred them to a USB to put onto my lap top… technology?? Just wish I was much quicker coming up with solutions to my computer dilemma's

P1030403I am a huge Eagles fan, this is my 3rd concert, first one scheduled for 1994 was postponed for 12 months and I hung on to my tickets until the new tour was announced. That was the “Hell Freezes Over Tour” In a strange twist of fate the original date 29th Nov 1994 was the day of Leah’s dad’s funeral. He had sat for what seemed like hours on the telephone earlier that year trying to get our tickets, so I like to think it was postponed for me!

This concert was a little different from the first two, they did a lot more instrumental work, with the highlight for me being Joe Walsh doing Life's’ Been Good to Me! Oh and I can’t forget Hotel California. They were the only performers and played for over 3 hours, it was a fabulous night.


This was their second Brisbane Concert and the tickets sold out very quickly, as you can see, we were quite some way from the stage, but not quite the ‘nose bleed’ seats some other patrons had. Fortunately the music was great from where ever you were seated.

So that brings my week to an end. It has been such bliss not having to get up early for work each morning. I could easily get used to it!

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Jeanette said...

Hi Julie, The fudge looks yummy. :) Brooklynn is so cute. Such a sweetie. Oh i'm so jealous you got to see the Eagles. :) Have a Merry Christmas & hopefully i'll see you in the New Year.

Joy said...

Julie I haven't even started my Chrissy baking!!! Must start tomorrow ;o)!!! Your shortbread looks delish.
I'm green with envy looking at your Eagles concert pics, so glad you had a fabulous time :o)!!!
Joy :o)

PatchWorkPrincess said...

Love the Eagles, and all that yummy Baking .! Make the most Of Little brooklyn they grow up so fast... but they are still lots of fun !

Linda said...

Julie, I'm so glad you're filling your holidays with such fun things. Would you be able to tell me how you made those darling Christmas containers from scrapping paper? I sure could use those for a few gifties we're giving. Thanks for letting me know!