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Friday, June 25, 2010

More on Mount Alford Lodge Quilt Retreat

Now for the projects that we worked on over the weekend.

My plan was to take only one project, and that was a row by row by Natalie Bird that I signed up for a few years ago.  I had managed to keep up the first three months, then I started to fall behind, until I put it all into a storage box and planned to get back to to soon or later. 

Although I have no photographic evidence, I managed to get all the rows prepared, with the appliqué pieces Vlisofixed in place, that’s where I stopped and was really pleased I didn’t go with the only take one project approach!!!

P1020860I finished this cot quilt on Sunday. The piecing was all done at home, I machine quilted and put the binding on at Retreat, finishing the hand stitching of the binding at home later in the week. I’m really pleased at how it has come up, the colours are quite different to my usual choices.  I hope ‘our baby’ will approve.


Look very closely at this pattern……what can you see?

There is a very funny story attached to this pattern. My dear friend Bev borrowed my Snap Happy pattern and was well into the construction of the purse, when she began to have trouble with her machine, the tension was playing up a little, causing her some grief. 

After rethreading and cleaning our the bobbin area of accumulated fluff, she managed to complete the rows of machine quilting, and as she pulled it from her machine she thought it felt a little stiff….turning it over she sees she has quilted the pattern to the back of the purse! That is the pattern and the coloured folder!  There wasn’t a dry eye in the place, we all cracked up laughing and crying, not to mention taking every opportunity to rehash the experience over and over.

Bev is now fondly referred to as….


Here is the quilt top “The Pattern Perforator” finished on Saturday, she has used all her ‘brown’ fabrics and I for one LOVE IT!P1020834It is much browner in ‘real life’ but this photograph reads a bit blue to me!

P1020835Debbie put together these blocks, they look spectacular. Still a bit more appliqué to complete, but she was pleased to get it to this stage.

P1020839Margaret started and finished this little quilt at retreat…….well done Marg!  P1020838

Barbara made this little phone pouch using the Snap Happy pattern, minus the machine quilting technique “The Pattern Perforator” has perfected!P1020840Cath’s foray into patchwork is looking stunning, her stitchery's look especially lovely with the fabrics she chose. 


Jeanette’s lovely ‘banner’ has a delightful array of appliqué, piecing and embroidery. I am looking forward to seeing the completed project very soon.

There is also a rumour that there will be hexagons too!

This post brings to an end my Quilt Retreat Report. You have probably already guessed that I had a wonderful time, and that the girls were terrific company, so I’d like to take this opportunity to thank them all and say that I can’t wait for next year!

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Cath Ü said...

I too loved retreat.... Bev has now completely finished her brown quilt...and I have two sides of the scrappy border on mine..... We will never let Bev forget that will we...LOL Pattern perforator..... sounds like an important title doesn't it...????

I am so looking forward to next year's retreat..... thank you for making it such a wonderful weekend...

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Cath Ü

Xx My Little Family xX said...

Poor Bev! Hahaha :D

Xx My Little Family xX said...

I love the cot quilt! I'm sure 'our baby' will too :)