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Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday at last!

I’m looking forward to the Easter break and a few days of sleeping-in.  I’ve done very little this week in the stitching line that is completed and ready for showing off.

This is the second last block in the Tisket a Tasket BOMP1020601

Only one more to go…..

Stampin’ up classes of two weeks are really cute card projects, it was fun to do some creating of a different kind.P1020604 P1020607

This weekend I am off to the Craft show at The Convention Centre – Brisbane, meeting my friend Sharon for a lovely day communing with fabric/patterns/tools and whatever else there is to see, so looking forward to that.

I have very little on my wish list, except for a pair of pinking shears and a portable magnifying device, I can no longer do embroidery with out magnification, and it is limiting what I can take to sit’n’stitch outings!

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Linda said...

Have a fun day with your friend. This weekend I'm going on a quilting retreat with five friends. Hope to have lots to show for some quality time with fabric, needle and thread... with help from friends and chocolate!

Bec said...

Your BOM block looks lovely, and the cards/stamping up projects look stunning!
I hope you are having a lovely time at the craft show.... Shelley from AngelsCometoPlay uses a magnifyer that goes on her head, you can spot her in some of the Nundle photos with it on.....